Day 4 of the 100 day challenge

Day 4 was not a good day!

I worked from home which meant my ‘routine’ fell right out the window. I also wasn’t feeling great so I spent the entire day stretched out on the sofa, like Jabba the Hutt… eating crap and watching crap.

At 11.30pm I decided it was time to write my 5 minute journal. Despite my day being pretty dark and depressing, my journal entry was the opposite. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for a job I proclaim to hate. Despite all it’s flaws, I’m pretty damn lucky to have an understanding boss who allows me to work at home whenever I feel shitty – and that’s usually once or twice a week!

After journalling, I decided to learn more about visualisation and read a bit more of the Shakti Gawain book ‘Creative Visualization’. I’ve had this on my Kindle for about a year but it’s slow going… I think perhaps because she talks at length about the theory behind the process when all I want to know is what the process is! I’m already a believer, just let me use the product already!

Anyway, somewhat coincidentally, I reached the chapter on meditation and visualisation yesterday.

I ended up doing the meditation on page 89 called ‘opening the energy centers’. This is unlike any meditation I’ve done before. You have to imagine that there’s “a glowing sphere of golden light” surrounding your head and different parts of your body. You move this energy around your body (as described in the book) and eventually allow it to “radiate from the top of your head like a fountain of light.”

According to the book, when you finish you will feel deeply relaxed yet energised. I can’t say that I did but I like the idea of this kind of meditation. I think my problem was that I couldn’t remember exactly how and where I was supposed to be moving this energy. I need this to be more of a guided meditation so for Day 5, methinks I’m going to record myself reading this meditation and then play it back when I’m doing the meditation. This is going to be difficult because I hate the sound of my voice but needs must!

I also found a useful chapter on visualisation on page 98 called ‘pink bubble technique’. All you need to do is imagine something you want to manifest and imagine that it has already happened. You have to picture it as clearly as possible in your mind and then surround this image/ picture/ fantasy with a pink bubble. You then put your goal inside the bubble and imagine it floating off into the universe – thus showing your trust that this is going to happen. Oh, and the reason the bubble is pink because that’s the colour of the heart!

Again, I struggled a little with this visualisation. I began by visualising all the pictures on my vision board. The good thing is, I can visualise it clearly and was able to move around the board without having to look at it. Where I struggled was imagining that these things had already happened. For example, the pregnancy picture.. do I imagine I’m already pregnant or that I’ve had the baby? Also, I found I was focussing too much on the shade of pink for the bubble. When I first read the word ‘pink’ I imagined bubble gum pink but then I read the bit about the heart. The heart is not bubble gum pink! I had to try and come up with a more appropriate shade of pink which took me away from the images I was supposed to be visualising!!! I know, when my mind wonders it sure does wonder some dumb shit.

I shall persevere though. I think these two techniques could be good so I will try them again on Day 5 (unless I read about some better ones).





5 thoughts on “Day 4 of the 100 day challenge

  1. I like this. Thanks for finding me! I’ll be reading yours too.
    OK, so the problem with being too specific, this is according to Abraham, is that with things that you really really really want, its easy to start blocking yourself. To start feeling like its way better over there and why am I stuck over here. This is one of the main problems I’ve had in my life. I’m awesome at working towards a goal, I can bust my ass, but I get so fixated and I kill it vibrationally. So for things that you really want, like money or love, or those things that we have all kinds of complicated feelings about, its better to trick yourself in a way. Abraham says be more general. IT doesn’t matter if you are thinking about the thing you want, source energy already knows what you want better than you do, its about feeling good. Feeling like you already have it. So if that means not focusing so intently on the stud who’s gonna sweep me off my feet but instead get all high on the excitement of loving hanging out with cool people, with how sexy I feel when I’m dancing, with how in love I am with my son, raising my vibration incrementally. That’s the ticket 🙂

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    • Davina, thank you so much for taking the time out to comment on and read my post! I really appreciate it.
      I hear what you’re saying. It makes sense. I guess when you want something so bad you get desperate and end up blocking yourself. I will definitely take this on board and am really grateful to you for taking the time to help steer me in the right direction on my journey!


  2. I love what you’re doing here. You remind me of me with another blog I began several years ago to hold myself accountable for a journey I was on. Thank you, by the way, for visiting me at my blog, DiviNation. I look forward to seeing you there again and sharing in your journey here. Back to my comment… I love what you are doing here and the biggest reason I’m writing is because I am a student of Abraham as well. And Davina gave a great share of her experience. I’ll add one thing to that. I’ve been on a journey to manifest my life for my whole life really, but more intently in the last two years. I have manifested some really great things: winning sweepstakes to see the Ellen Show after wanting to win the lottery for an intense period, creating a serene living environment after moving about frequently and desiring more stability, finding a customer who was head over heels for my business’ products after having a slow and rough start to my business, and more. And though there were some things that came into my life that weren’t exactly what I envisioned, a lot of it was exactly what I envisioned and wanted.

    None of this is beyond any of us. The point Abraham makes is that when you are just being your happy self, then you are most available, and the Universe or God (or whatever anyone calls that power or force greater than them) can send to you the inklings, insights, information, and guidance for you to take the inspired actions toward what you’ve desired – having it end in the result of the thing you want coming into reality.

    However, if you are angry with yourself for what you think you should be doing (or anything else you might be pissed off about with yourself), or you’re frustrated with life for not matching up to what you want, or desperate because you don’t see anything happening, or don’t see it happening fast enough, or are afraid you’ll never really know the right way to get the elusive thing, then you’re not available. Our natural state is joy. (This is a perspective, not the truth. So if it doesn’t seem so, then it doesn’t resonate with you.) But if that premise of joy does resonate, then you can begin to see that anytime you are in one of those negative states you are not connected to your joy – or best said, You. Then your “success” at manifestation will be proportionately less likely than when you are connected. Or best said, when you are most fully Yourself.

    Wow, that was more than I intended to say. That’s all. Be well. I hope all goes well with you and your journey. Happy travels to you.

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    • MoniqueM, WOW! Thank you so much for taking the time to not only read my post but to write such a lengthy response. I’m really grateful!

      That’s really helpful advice. I think I can be guilty of being frustrated and then possibly getting desperate because I’m not seeing anything happen or anything happen fast enough. I will most definitely take your wise words on board – a massive thank you!

      I very much look forward to learning more about you via your great blog! Thank you once again! I truly am very grateful for the time you’ve taken and for you advice!

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