Daily motivation: How to feel more abundant!

If you, like me, sometimes struggle with feeling ‘abundant’. Try this great little exercise I came across:

Put £100 in your pocket, or write yourself a cheque for X amount and carry it around with you everywhere you go.

As you go about your daily activities, look at all the things the money in your pocket could buy and just say to yourself “I can have it”.

I tried this yesterday whilst I drove into central London and I have to say, I felt pretty damn good! I had a cheque for £100,000 in my pocket so it was fun sitting in traffic looking at all the cars I CAN have… it also made me realise that there’s a lot that I don’t want or need either.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on. You’ll probably notice that you feel a whole lot happier by the time you reach your destination. And remember, like reflects like so if you’re feeling abundant, you’re reflecting/ attracting abundance!



Daily motivation: Quit trying to change the bad

“If your goal is to get out of debt,
You’ll stay in debt forever.
Because whatever you think of, you attract.

You’ve got to start seeing what you want.

You don’t work on cold if you’re cold, you work on heat.
Cold is the absence of heat so you work on creating heat.

If you want good in your life,
quit trying to change the bad.
Quit trying to get rid of the bad.
Let it go.
Let it be part of the past.
Start to see the good that you desire.

Visualise it, see it as present in your mind.” ~ Bob Proctor