Day 2 – Unleash Your Inner Money Babe challenge

The hardest challenge had to be on Day 2. WTF?

It seemed simple enough to begin with. I mean, how hard can it be to do this.

Task 1: Write a list of people and situations you want to forgive

Task 2: Go through each scenario, get the feeling of it and then say out loud: I forgive you. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you.

The first day I tried this, I felt very agitated and only got as far as the second point on my list. “I’m sorry? For what? You were the arsehole!” Nah, not me. I aint sorry for shit… and don’t even get me started on the “I love you”  part– no I bloody don’t. Not in this life time or any other!

Frustrated. I left my book and notes alone for a day (I’m a little behind on the challenge now but sticking with it. Yes, I know it’s only day 2!!!) and came back to it with fresh eyes. This time I read the explanatory notes properly (eager beaver me just wanted to get started).

If you’re going to take up this challenge – this part is crucial! Read the chapters properly.

Having fully understood the meanings of:

I forgive you

I’m sorry

Thank you

I love you

I was able to let go of the situations I had listed. I can honestly say I feel a bit lighter. Why? Because doing this exercise made me realise that the person I’ve held the biggest grudge against is me, myself and I. For some reason, on a subconscious level I’ve been blaming myself all these years for the shitty way people have treated me.

I’ve grown a lot since those days but I had no idea that deep down, I was still holding onto some of that stuff… it feels good to finally have it out in the open!

With my new found feelings of freedom, I decided that I’m going to up my manifestation to 4K. I’m already spending it in my mind….

If you haven’t already, join me on the challenge… there’s a pot of money waiting for us at the end!


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